1. Hold Me - d-mo

  2. Take A Ride - Intro 

  3. Bringing Me Undone - d-mo

  4. The Beauty & The Mystery - Intro 

  5. Desire Let Go - d-mo

  6. Take A Risk - Intro 

  7. Message of Love - Intro 

  8. Is 28 Ten - d-mo


March 2008

Stringfellow: Intro

Very colorful and bright bluesy rock tunes with great intricate dynamic, played by a solid, hard hitting group of talented musicians.  

The songs are upbeat with great feel good guitar and piano licks, and a solid rhythm section.  

It is all held together by a very well toned and well presented vocalist Robbie Stringfellow, who's voice carries a certain reminiscence of a more laid back version of vocalist "John Popper" from "The Blues Travelers".

Tr. 1 Take A Ride – Great opening track with a powerful introduction leading into a catchy upbeat chorus

Tr. 5 Message of Love – More easy going and laid back track with a great grooves and wonderful vocal melody both for its verses  and chorus

Tr. 6 Waitin' For You – A great combination of an upbeat chorus and laid back verse mixes moods to make a more interesting production of a song.

Damon Kellard at Bryan Farrish Radio Promotion 



Stringfellow: D-mo


I feel like it's one of those days when I just got back from a long day at high school. I'm

tired and I want to hear some Red Hot Chili Peppers. But I've heard Californication so many

times already, so I pop Stringfellow's D-mo into the stereo.

Lead vocalist Robbie Stringfellow reminds us of relentless youth in tracks like "Desire Let Go"

where he talks about his insatiable infatuation for a young and restless lover.

I can't help but become infatuated with the flawless and hypnotizing use of the electric guitar in D-mo.

In "Is 28 Ten" the relaxation of the first few tracks takes an upbeat turn; the organ takes me to a dive bar in

the middle of nowhere, full of smoke and good times.

D-mo packs so many nights of careless fun into a few short but rich vagabond anthems.

Stringfellow's dreamy vocals as well as the "psychedelicious" harmony of instruments in D-mo will leave you dizzy. In a good way.

By the end of this mini album, I'm just upset that I didn't get to hear more. -Alex


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